Canoeing and canoe rental

Canoe in the beautiful straits and islands. Almost from the surface level of the lake you get a very special touch with the lake nature. While paddling, we enjoy the tranquility, clean lake air and beautiful nature. Lake Syväri has numerous sheds where you can take a break by the campfire.

Paintball + kayaking

Fast-paced paintball and then to the lake to enjoy paddling. Paintball includes 2 hours of playing time, followed by 2 hours of canoe rental. Read more and book!

Tahko canoe trip

Embark on a kayaking trip to beautiful Lake Syväri. A canoe trip is suitable for everyone, no special skills are required. In the initial guide, you will learn the basics of kayaking technique, then just put the equipment on, canoe and the adventure begins! Read more and book

Canoe and kayak rental

Rental includes buoyancy aids, paddles, map and user guide. Read more and book!