A fast-paced color ball game on a purpose-built field in Tahko that is perfect for e.g. as a program for stag / hen, birthday, birthday and hobby clubs.

Paintball can also be combined with kayaking and eFatboke rental!

Paintball is played in many batches, the goal is to hit opponents with color bets. The hit drips out of the game. The winning team is the team whose representatives are last on the field.

The field was renovated in 2020. All obstacles are playable from the stand and the bottom of the field is sand / grass. Paintball guns have been changed to 50 cal, the hit of which does not produce painful bruises.

Players have their own game area near Safari House (about 3 km from the center of Tahko). The guide takes paintball players to the area and goes through the game instructions as well as safety issues. After this, the game starts and you can enjoy a fun and fast-paced mood among your own team. The main building is located just a hundred meters from the paintball game areas, so even in the middle of the game you can easily and quickly visit social spaces or replenish equipment.

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