Landscape trip to Mount Pisa

The Pisa area has been famous since the 19th century for its landscapes that open up from Pisanmäki. Handsome lake and danger landscapes can be admired from the observation tower at the highest point of the hill of Pisa.

Tahko MTB mountain bike event

Tahko has excellent mountain biking terrain and routes, which can also be reached from the yard of Wanha School by going 4 km to the Rahasmäki shed. The most famous of Tahko’s summer events is definitely to be held at the turn of June-July Tahko MTB , which was held in the summer of 2017 […]

The route village trail starts from the yard of Wanha school

Traditional track – Route to your own approx. 10 km long village trail – accessible directly from the school yard, on the other side of Varpaisjärventie. The trail winds through beautiful countryside and forests. Route in Sports Tracker: Pictures along the way

From the western slopes conveniently up the hill

The western slopes of Tahko side is only 6 km drive from Wanha school. There is usually plenty of space in front of the lifts in the car park and the car can be reached right next to the lifts. There are 11 slopes on the western slopes. And you can get from the elevator […]

With children to the top of Tahko

We decided to go on a quick trip with the children to the nearby terrain and conquer the top of Tahko. From Wanha school there is only a car ride to the West Slopes. 6 km.

Tiilikkajärvi National Park – Uito tour

Tiilikkajärvi National Park is a rather poorly known excursion destination in Rautavaara. As a destination, the national park is fine with its Finnish heritage and history.

Owl tour at Rautavaara

We toured n. 7 km of Huhkajankierros hiking and at the same time collecting oncoming delicacies.