Evening program of the soft bar: meat fondue and sauna

Not many people know this: Soft bar in addition to the legendary after skin, daily soup & salmon breads and donuts, is also available Mualiman sauna and an à la carte restaurant in the evening after 6 p.m. Because we missed the variation, we decided to take this for testing and drove straight to Pehku at the end of a long drive on Friday night. The kids were excited (and the adults too).

The Pehk Bar has been influenced by the Alps through several alpine trips made by the owners. Under a thick layer of snow, Pehkubaari looked attractive already from the outside. Inside, there was immediately a warm and cozy atmosphere with a fireplace and traditional waiters dressed in Alpine-style costumes. The table was set for us and we soon got to taste Pehku’s meat fondue; for the kids we ordered burgers and a chicken basket.

Pehkun meat fondue

In a meat fondue, put a piece of meat on a stick and cook it in broth for 2-3 minutes and enjoy with plenty of side dishes. Especially good was the baked potato, which had the house’s own sauces; we also tasted a new devil’s jam made by the house, to which we give 5 stars. The meat was tender and the broth really tasty.

The atmosphere in the evening’s a la carte restaurant is calm and relaxed. The windows open up winter landscapes to Tahko. Pehku’s evening offer is well suited for e.g. for different groups large and small who want to enjoy an atmospheric dinner together; also great for families, there is no more information about after skin rhymeining at this point in the evening.

Pehku’s menu can be found here  »

Mualiman sauna

In connection with Pehku, in a small wooden building, there is a “Mualima sauna”, which is rented on request. The sauna with its scenery and old-fashioned sauna atmosphere is a real experience. The sauna benches can accommodate up to 20 people. The sauna can be rented both during the day and in the evening, and it is also a drinking area where you can enjoy drinks in the Pehkubaar and spend time in good company. Outside the sauna there are good snow benches for winding in the snow; bystanders are warned by signs “beware of naked people” 🙂

The wooden sauna had good soft steam. Since there is no avant-garde here at the top of the hill, we dived the whole outfit into the soft powder snow, which this time was about. 40 cm. The winner of the somersault was Ida 10 in the somersault; in total they accumulated from our team 37. To describe the comfort of the sauna, the youngest (4 years old) of our test group answered the next day the question “is the sauna heated”: yes, to Pehku!

How to get here?

The tent bar can be reached directly from the slope, but also along the road even by car or snowmobile. From Tahko, drive towards the West Slopes and turn right before the West Slopes at the sign pointing to Pehkubaari. From Wanha school, drive past the junction of the Western Slopes and turn left at the Pehku sign.


Contact information and reservations

P. +358 44 067 1304

MA – PE 9 – 16
P. 044 048 1488