The construction of Reittiö Elementary School began in 1958 and was completed in 1960. The school served as an elementary and basic school until 2006, when the current owners purchased it from the municipality and renovated it for accommodation and residential use.

From 2007 to 2015, the school served as the Tahko camp center. In 2016, the accommodation facilities were expanded, and in 2017, they were renovated into their current form.

Over the years, the camp center (now called Onnela) has hosted various groups, including school trips, hunting parties, children’s homes, tourist groups, and large groups of families. It has also hosted a wide range of different martial arts camps, yoga retreats, children’s camps, and camp schools. The place has also been rented out for organizing various events and family celebrations. In addition, there is plenty of space in the yard for caravanners and campers.

In 2016, we expanded and improved the accommodation facilities.

In late 2016, in addition to the former camp center facilities, we started offering a high-quality Family Apartment for groups and large families or parties. This apartment includes 4 bedrooms, a combined living room and kitchen, a utility room, a loft, a sauna, and a sheltered covered porch, as well as a hot tub. The apartment can accommodate approximately 11 people. Read more

In 2017, we renovated the “Teacher’s Apartment” for accommodation use.

The 52-square-meter one-bedroom apartment located at the left end of the school was originally designed as a “female teacher’s apartment”, according to the original drawings, and it served as such until the school closed in 2006. Since then, a permanent tenant has lived in the apartment until the fall of 2017.

As we wanted there to be a place in Tahko that could accommodate a busload of people (40 persons), we refurbished and furnished the apartment for accommodation use in the fall of 2017, respecting the original spirit of the old school. The apartment has one bedroom with a double bed and bunk beds, a living room where the sofa bed can be extended into a full-size 160 cm wide double bed, as well as a kitchen and a toilet. Shower and sauna facilities can be found in the school’s basement. The Teacher’s Apartment can comfortably accommodate 4-6 people.

All the school’s spaces, the Family Apartment, Onnela’s Large Family Apartment, the Teacher’s Apartment, and the Caretaker’s Apartment (studio – inquire separately), can be rented either individually or together, depending on the number of people and needs.

In the fall of 2020, we renovated the old camp center into a unique and immersive accommodation space for large families or multiple families – Onnela.

The large family apartment can accommodate several families, around 12+6 people. A great choice for 4-18 people. A unique, spacious area with original charm, renovated in 2020 from the old school, including gymnasiums, where children especially enjoy themselves. A large dining area and kitchen, along with 4 bedrooms. Read more

In 2022, we carried out renovations and further developed Onnela.

In 2022, the roof of the house was repaired and painted, and the foundation was restored. We inspected the structures of Onnela and installed new surfaces, as well as updated the shower facilities to a modern standard. And we also added an additional toilet!