Onnela – large family apartment

An experiential way to vacation together! Onnela’s specialty at Wanha School is the school’s gym, which has space for children to frolic.

Onnela’s family apartment can accommodate several families, ie 12 + 2. This unique accommodation was renovated in 2020, respecting the original spirit of Wanha School.

living area

Onnela has a living room downstairs with a Smarttv and a large sofa where it is nice to settle down to calm down after a hard day of sports. There is also a games room in the hallway for table games.

Large dining area

The dining area can accommodate up to 20 people, and is decorated in a historic Finnish spirit.

Commercial kitchen

Onnela’s large kitchen has space to cook for even a larger group. There you will find cooking utensils, 2 refrigerators, a freezer, 2 stoves, 2 ovens, a dishwasher and cutlery for 20 people.

School gym

Children’s favorite Onnela has the school’s original gym, which has a trick track for children and various play equipment. When the children are in the hall, the adults get a moment of their own time and peace.

Floor plan


Downstairs there are 4 twin bedrooms with 12 beds and extra beds for two. All bedrooms have 140cm wide loft beds with frame mattresses underneath.


Courtyard log sauna

Onnela’s customers have at their disposal a log, wood-heated yard sauna “Akansauna”, which was completed in 2021. Onnela’s sauna shift is daily from 7 pm to 9 pm, or by appointment. Extra hours can also be rented. The sauna is heated by itself.

Wanhan School Log Sauna

There is space for activities in the courtyard

The school also has a large courtyard area with a campfire site, playgrounds for children and a football pitch. There are good mushroom and berry fields nearby. In winter, approx. 9 km long traditional village trail, depending on the snow situation.

Loan instruments for free use:

In the yard you will also find:

The location for skiing is great. The 8km village trail next door was wonderful! The house’s snowshoes, sledges and kick sleds were also utilized. The gym was heavily used and sausages were fried on the campfire site.


Nice accommodation for even a larger group. The private gym was very much to the liking of the children, as was the quiet courtyard.


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