Guests of the Wanha School family apartment have access to a wood-heated 8-person lot at an additional cost.

When the apartment is available, Onnela’s guests can also rent a lot for their use. Much is thermally insulated and you can also bathe in water the next morning. The price for many uses is 110 € one-time heating and refilling.

It is also possible to order a portable lot for the school yard through Tahko Experience, Read more here!

Lots of heating instructions

  1. close the drain cock
  2. put the water to drain and fill the pool before lighting the fireplace 10 cm above the seat. It is important that the stove is not ignited before this, as the aluminum built-in heater will otherwise melt.
  3. Light the fireplace. Keep the lid closed during heating. The heating time is on. 2.5 h. The ideal water temperature is 37 degrees; inside the lot there is a thermometer from which you can monitor the water temperature.

Drain after use

  1. Remove the ashes from the nest (even charcoal burns the heater puncture if the lot does not have water)
  2. Allow the water to drain gently from the drain tap and place the pan underneath so that the water jet does not dig holes in the ground. Leave the faucet open!
  3. Washing: wash with a soft brush and universal detergent. Under no circumstances should chlorine-based cleaners be used to clean Please.