Ski trip to Aholansaari


We wondered what would be a suitable destination for the smallest ski trip in the family and decided to leave To Aholansaari . The trip started at the Skimac rental shop, where we picked up the missing skis and got them pre-lubricated. The style was traditional.

We apricot, whether we are going straight to the trail with Skimac with 5- and 8-year-olds, or whether we would drive to the top of the headland, where it is easy to go to the ice rink. Since the ski trip was the first of the winter, we decided to leave the tip of the peninsula. If the ice is very windy and there are small skiers involved, you can also drive directly to Aholansaari along the ice road by car and ski on a safer route within the island (2 km). The route along the ice from the parking lot to Aholansaari is approx. 1.5km long, and was just right for our smaller skiers. If there is more age, skiing skills and enthusiasm, you can start on the ice trail from the corner of Piazza as well. This will increase the distance.

After the ice leg, we went to a home-cooked lunch in the main building and skied another 2km run on Aholansaari inside the island, which had great scenery and old buildings. At the end of the run was a hut that is always open. There we fried sausages and drank whistle juices. During the ski holidays, the hut also sells e.g. wall-bottomed.

Then we started our journey home. The boys were also passionate about trying the barn-free section and we also went to see the nearby islands on the way home.

What is Aholansaari?

Aholansaari is the home island of Paavo Ruotsalainen, a peasant and wake-up leader who lived in the 19th century and now serves as a museum site and houses the atmospheric home museum Paavo Pirtti, as well as the summer priest of Pastor Kleofas Hyvämäki, built in the early 20th century. Aholansaari is currently home to a versatile resort. Here is more about the history of Aholansaari »

Aholansaari hosts a wide range of events, read more about them here »

Aholansaari is an interesting excursion destination and is also well suited as an intermediate stage for a longer ski trip.