Tahko Farmi: Stable Elf’s Farm Adventure


One Saturday morning a surprise awaited us. The boys said surprisingly that “why always go to the slopes” and so it was time to come up with something else for them. Our ears were worn Tahko Farm The adventure of a stable elf and it was indeed suitable as a 5-year birthday program for the day hero-Sulo & brothers.

When we arrived at the farm, we were received by two stable elves, who already had a program ready for us. The boys were a little amazed at the age of the elves; one of the elves reported being 300 and the other 351 years old. Sulo informed the elves that he is now 5 years old. In addition to Sulo, our gang included Aapo 8-year and Emil 8-year. And the confirmation among us was Linnea 12-year-old.

For sleigh rides

The adventure began with the Pehtoori horse picking up from the paddock and preparing in front of the sleigh. We went through the horse’s sleigh equipment and harnessed it. Both the western and the bellows became familiar. After that we went on a sleigh ride.


The sleigh ride was nice and next time there was a leash ride. Before riding, the horse was brushed and saddled; then just on the horse’s back.


Yes, the boys had a smile on their lips when we next moved to the track on ATVs. After the directors’ meeting, the boys put on the go and sometimes went to the bench.

Animal feeding

After the ride, we moved inside to get to know the animals and there were many types of them, my favorite animals were rabbits. The Pipsa pig was also very interested. After getting acquainted with the animals, a small juice break was taken and the process of making and fetching snacks for the animals was started. The children were allowed to pick up hay with wheelbarrows and were taught in the “animal kitchen” to dispense and make sapusses suitable for each animal species. And then the children were allowed to feed the animals themselves.

The whole program lasted 3 hours and was a wonder to the city boys. The stable elf program is suitable for girls and boys aged 7-14 independently, it makes it easy for a parent to go skiing or downhill. It is good for the younger ones to have a parent with them. There is a lot outside and it is quite cool inside in winter as well, so it is worth putting on clothes well according to the weather. All in all, great!

Driving directions

Tahko Farm is located along Sääskiniementie on the Tahko main road at the end of the road. The intersection of Tahkofarm is  600 m after the second roundabout at SPA, and turn left onto Koivulantie. The intersection is signposted, follow the signs.

Address Koivulantie 2 B,  Tahkovuori
tel +358 45 111 0060

Open Mon – 10 am – 5 pm and Sun 10 am – 1 pm

Read more about Tahko Farm’s services here : tahkofarmi.fi

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