Tahko MTB mountain bike event

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Tahko has excellent mountain biking terrain and routes, which can also be reached from the yard of Wanha School by going 4 km to the Rahasmäki shed. The most famous of Tahko’s summer events is definitely to be held at the turn of June-July Tahko MTB , which was held in the summer of 2017 on the 19th. once. Nearly 2,000 cyclists attended the event. Travel options can be found between 25 km and 180 km. We, too, traditionally fill the yard of Wanha School with campers and motorhome drivers during the event, so this year as well.

We have been supporting the event through volunteer work for years, but this year we participated in the 25 km series ourselves. Kristiina cycled a 45 km route last summer, a shorter one was better for this summer. The route is so challenging that you can taste real mountain biking, but you dare to go on this shortest trip without regular mountain bike training. We do not e.g. there have been no opportunities to do mountain bike runs this summer, we started the event with just the basic running and commuting condition.

The departure was also attended by a much younger crowd, even those under the age of 10 with their parents. Let a bachelor hero even go to the race. Legend has it that the 25km route has been driven with up to 1 bike.

On the 25 km journey, the seemingly endless uphill started soon after the initial transitions. If one has imagined going on a small hike, the thoughts were taken away at this point. The first drinking place (Tuulivaara, Nipanen) was found at the top after this climb. After that, there was a moment a little smoother, then wild rocky descents and a sluggish rumble. And beautiful scenery.

The 25km route also culminated in the famous “El Grande” final ascent, which was no longer frightening after the initial ascent pit. The last descents were already familiar to us in many places from last winter’s ski forest trails. As a whole, 25 km was a varied route with a wide variety of terrain; for the more inexperienced, a rock-bearing rock, but also enjoyable driveable forest trails and downhill trails that offer speed charm.

Self – cycling at other times is also easy in Tahko because routes is well marked. Here is also a link to Tahko MTB’s route »

Wanha school host and hostess recommend!

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