Hiking terrain on Reittiönharju


In our blog, we have presented hiking destinations in the surrounding area Iron hazard  and Tiilikkajärvi national parks To the surroundings of Tahko , but also directly from Wanha school you can hike to the magnificent Reittiönharju. Unique hiking terrain opens up from the school yard. In mid-September, we went on a mushroom trip on Reittiönharju and returned with a couple of buckets of crumbs and hackers.

The surroundings of Tahko are very much a sand-ridged landscape, a pine forest and a terrain covered with moss and lichen. The ice age has shaped a lot of soups there, which makes the ridge plentiful in height differences. From the school yard, start right first along Varpaisjärventie over Eitikantie, where the Reittiönharju trail starts, continuing in the same direction as Varpaisjärventie. The trail runs up the top of the ridge and passes three small lakes. The scenery is stunning. In addition to mushrooms, a lot of lentils and blueberries grow in the area.

The path eventually comes to the sand dunes and turns right from there, continuing backwards as an overgrown dirt road. This loop forms approx. 6 km route.

Route map