Tiilikkajärvi National Park – Uito tour

Tiilikkajärvi National Park - kayaking landscapes

Tiilikkajärvi National Park is a rather poorly known excursion destination in Rautavaara. As a destination, the national park is fine with its Finnish heritage and history.

We went with the Nilsiä Scout Flag for a 7 km Uito circuit to explore the area and with the children to the campfire. The tour started from Sammakkotammi car park along the marked route. The address of the parking lot is Valtimontie 1095, Rautavaara (see below for directions from Wanha school).

Our first destination was the Russian sand beach with barbecue places. The route progressed in the middle of a magnificent brown forest, always deviating from time to time in the marshlands along the elongated trees. The trip included families of first-class scouts; the little ones walked in the backpacks and Sulikka 3yrs went briskly with their own feet.

When we arrived on the Russian sand, the bigger scouts had already made us ready for you. At first we baked the sausages, after which the little patrols were allowed to look for candy bags hidden in the forest. For some reason, the children were particularly motivated to search for treasure. With the current spike that the kids got from the sugar, we soon continued our journey Uiton to the cabin . We crossed magnificent bridges and refueled well water in the cabin. The quality of the well water was classified as “non-potable”, so you should bring your own water with you on the trip. Defying the bureaucracy, we drank water despite the ban, and it did not bring us any symptoms / sanctions.

From Uito’s cabin, we continued back on the route from the other side of the lake, along which there were even more magnificent Finnish landscapes. The route ran mainly along long trees through a large bog, always occasionally crossing small forest islands in the middle of the bog.

The route was supposed to be 7km long, but our GPS tracking looked like 10.6km, which was a pretty tough bump for a 3-year-old 🙂 The final trip started to have a little critical feedback on the length of the trip, but we bravely made it to the end with small flute breaks.

On the way home, everyone except the driver slept.

We recommend the Uito tour as a destination for a full day trip. Remember to bring enough water and fins. And the camera 🙂

After the trip Wanhan school in many it was nice to relax.

Pictures from the trip

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