Owl tour at Rautavaara

On the start of the owl tour

Ruska is already starting to appear in Tahko’s nature; in southern Finland its arrival is even much later. We set out to admire the autumn nature for a trip to the Reittiö youth club. We toured n. 7 km of Huhkajankierros hiking and at the same time collecting oncoming delicacies.

The first half of the route was a beautiful drier cloth forest, where pines grew mainly and the ground was covered with a thick layer of moss and lichen. The trail progressed over several Hiekkaharju and past marshes. The first thing that came to mind was that you had to come here yet to pull the route through. Without shoes. It is hardly easier to base a flat needle path on it.

Rautavaaran Huuhkajankierros - laavuThe terrain continued as a nicely varied, similar type of pine forest until the middle of the route, when we were greeted by a long-awaited lunch break and a shed where the fires were ready for us from the footsteps of previous hikers. The sloping roof shed was like designed for children to climb, and the sausages were eaten naturally, waving their legs over the edge of the roof.

At the shed, you should take a peek at the bend made by the Tiilikkajoki River, which flows a little lower.

After the shed, the terrain of the route became slightly different. We soon got to see what a trace the storm that had raged a couple of years ago had produced; trees were still fallen everywhere. In nature parks, they are allowed to remain in their natural state to moss and land, only along the path the route had been opened. When in traffic with over-energetic boys aged 3-6, the most attractive route really doesn’t go along the trails but over the fallen tree trunks, parkouring.

At the end of the route, the scenery was particularly picturesque, with the trail progressing over a high ridge and the noisy Tiilikkajoki River, which is also part of the Älänne canoe route, progressing considerably lower next to it. At this point, with toddlers and even slightly older children, it’s good to be careful, namely dropping down into a rapids is pretty steep.


The hike of less than 7 km on the Huuhkajankierros was just the right length for a 3-year-old brisk boy. With time breaks and mushroom picking, we spent less than 4 hours on the route.

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