With children to the top of Tahko

Barren beautiful landscape

We decided to go on a quick trip with the children to the nearby terrain and conquer the top of Tahko. From Wanha school there is only a car ride to the West Slopes. 6 km. We drove along the roads after the junction of the Western Slopes Panorama Barille , which is possible during the summer season. During the winter season, the top of Tahko can only be reached by car Pehku bar through. On the way, we took a look at the stunning scenery of Tahko and took a look at the extension of Panorama-Bar, which was currently under construction. Gone were the mountain bikers on new marked trails that crashed into the slopes. The slopes have great mountain bike trails for even the fastest going; we decided to come and test them as soon as the right opportunity arose.

The road took us to the landscape slope on the west slopes, where we made the fire. The autumn landscape was barely beautiful in cloudy weather.

Along the way, we considered the map reading with the children. We walked down the West Slopes, where we got a nice workout on our feet as we got back up in the car.