For snowmobile trails directly from the yard

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Wanha School’s yard also provides direct access to the snowmobile trails around Tahko. We had the opportunity to go sledding with the children on Sunday, January 22, 2017, and so we set off for the Pehku Bar, where we were supposed to go for a traditional goulash soup and a lunch for the youngest 4-year-old. Our friends staying in the yard of Wanha School at the Caravan season place lent us sleds for the day.

Jani has also worked as a snowmobile guide in the past, and with a five-minute quick training, the basics were distributed to her wife as well, and so she got moving.

For the Pehku bar the distance along the toboggan run is 10 km and one got there without even asking how much distance is left. The first sledding of the winter was still exciting. Along the way, however, we decided to head instead of Pehku for a couple of kilometers, to the renovated To the Panorama Bar , where we had forgotten the backpack when we were counting the day before.

On the way home, we first set off by landing on the ice and driving through Nipanen in slightly different landscapes. The route was quite bumpy in places, but otherwise in good condition. The total distance of the trip was approx. 25 km.


Snowmobiling in Tahko

In the vicinity of Tahko, Kuopio and Rautavaara, there are 600 km of snowmobile routes all the way through Kuopio and Rautavaara.

Guided safaris are often the most rewarding and easiest way to explore the surroundings on a sled. There are a few safari companies in Tahko, through which this is possible. Packages from a couple of hours of exploration safaris to multi-day excursions are available. There are several coffee and dining places, as well as accommodation and sauna opportunities along the scenic routes. The routes are regularly maintained, so the tracks remain in good condition.

Tahko also offers excellent conditions for independent sledding .
If you do not have your own sled or do not want to bring it with you, you can rent a suitable outing game from the area.

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