From the western slopes conveniently up the hill


The western slopes of Tahko side is only 6 km drive from Wanha school. There is usually plenty of space in front of the lifts in the car park and the car can be reached right next to the lifts. There are 11 slopes on the western slopes. And you can get from the elevator by throwing directly to the other side as well. See Tahko’s slope map from here .

Especially if there is no need to go to rent ski equipment, from the West Slopes side it is in every way easier and more comfortable to go to the slopes. And even if the lift tickets are not pre-purchased, the lifts on the West Slopes side get up when you tell the lift staff to go to the other side to buy tickets. We go up the hill whenever possible from this very side. As the afternoon turns towards the end, the spectacular Sunsets are also well visible here.

Lännen helpon huipulla

This winter, there are two 7-year-olds in our family, one of whom has already skied somewhat in previous winters and the other is only now excited to try the sport properly. By nature, it has been almost unnoticed almost constantly only on the western slopes; there are really good hills for novice skiers to use. Especially the gentle new slope “Easy West” is just great for this purpose; towards the end of the slope you can also test a couple of jumps on the MiniCross track, which even a beginner dares to go. The west is not easily lit, so you should go there in time. The elevator closes when it starts to dim. See Tahko’s slope map from here .

To the ski school

One of our 7-year-olds had already studied the basics of invoicing before At Tahko Ski School ; now another was also spoken over for an hour of private tuition (€ 50) and it turned out that a ski instructor could be asked to come to the desired slope on the western slopes as well. Aleksi came on the scene, and with his long experience he got the boy excited. This time, an hour of practice with a knowledgeable teacher of the two of them was really a turning point for the boy’s downhill skiing; after the workout, it was noticed that the big threshold, which had previously scared and hindered learning with the mother, had been crossed and the little man was downright enthusiastic about downhill skiing. 6 hours on the hill went completely unnoticed.

As a tip, I learned through the heel: a mother or father can be just really the wrong people to teach a child, especially the temperamental, such skills :). The new learner tries much more and develops quickly when there is a professional teacher. If you need equipment, you can conveniently get it next to the ski school under the slope Skimac Tirolista .

Tahko rinteet jukulauta street

Jukulauta street

On the right side of the elevators there are e.g. a hill that attracts experimental little ones, the “Snowboard Street” with lots of jumpers of different sizes for both more experienced jumpers and those trying their first jumps. Our more experienced 7-year-old enjoyed the jumps practically all day.

Here’s a little taste of Jukulauta Street from this video:

Take a break from frying sausages

There are 3 sheds on the western slopes for a break, where you can warm up by the fire and fry sausages while skiing. If the sausages were forgotten so greedily they can be simmered in 15 minutes from the hall in the center of Tahko. Nothing but a hill on the other side down and ice over the hotel downstairs and back so that sways.

You can also recommend an atmospheric one. ” Lännen lokari ”Café at the starting point of the main lifts of the Western Slopes.

Jukulautastreet hyppyriin