E-fatbike in Tahko

in the bay of eboke

Since we are avid mountain bikers ourselves, there was an interest in trying an electric mountain bike in the winter. At the same time, a fatbike should be tested, which we had not yet been able to try. We heard that Tahko on Safaris there are now brand new e-fatbikes and the 6.5 km route has just been completed. As long as the ice situation allows, a longer winter cycling route of just over 20 km will soon open. There is now more snow in the terrain of Tahko than in the last 20 years; interesting to get to try what kind of mountain biking can be in the winter.

Getting to know the wheels

Before leaving, Arto Jauhiainen gave us a quick course on using an electric bike and it turned out to be really easy. Helmets were also borrowed from Tahko Safaris. If you can ride an ordinary bike, you can also ride an electric bike. However, the bike must be pedaled at all times; it is precisely an electric “grant” that makes the uphills feel almost easy to connect and, even at steady levels, is able to experience the sheer charm of speed. The allowance can be adjusted on a scale of 1-5 and if you want to get a decent sweat on the surface then you can easily adjust it a little smaller or even put it off completely. The grant will also end automatically when the speed of 25 km / h is reached.

The first trek caused happy bursts of laughter; this is going by itself! Pretty great job. The bike got used to the action quickly and it was really fun to ride. Yes, however, you have to pedal it and the hustle and bustle goes from sports, but it can be adjusted according to your own endurance and terrain. However, the electric-assisted bike can pull briskly longer and faster pace, which means that the scenery changes quickly and in addition to physical exertion, you can also enjoy the pace. There is also no sound from the bike that is normal than cycling, so you get the peace of nature unlike internal combustion engines, and there are no emissions.

On the route

The route was spectacular and passed through fabulous snowy forests and meandered under heavy trees in a heavy snow load. We had to lift the top of a broken tree from the route, which had broken and fallen due to the weight of the snow. The route included uphill and downhill in appropriate proportions, great scenic spots, and decent quicker easy sections. The route also felt safe to ride; there was a soft project on every side, where you can only laugh at a fall and it probably doesn’t knock you at most with your self-esteem 🙂 Sometimes you had to dodge a bit of tree branches swaying in the snow. We are looking forward to the sooner opening of a longer route of just over 20 km, which would be nice to do for a full day e-bike tour.

These bikes can be used all year round, both in summer and winter. Electric bikes have exploded in popularity recently and would consistently sell more than what factories can supply.

We went on this trip among adults, but the smaller bikes are also suitable for people aged 11-12. You can rent a bike from Tahko Safari for independent use For 2 hours , For 3 hours or for the whole day or book for a group guided tour.

Somehow riding these bikes in the winter forest felt like a mix of mountain biking, motorcycling and skiing 🙂 Definitely a very positive experience of a great new winter sport! When we are so athletic, we bonga that you can also get snowshoes from Tahko Safaris, which we are still going to try, because the snow is so exportable.


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