In Tahko’s SuperCorner test


In December 2017, Tahko opened what we think has always been missing here: a rain / frosty day indoor place for children, SuperCorner. We had the opportunity to get to test the place the day before the official opening.

Supercorner is located Tahko Span in the center of Tahko. There are several large trampolines, a superlonmont, a trail car park, a park track, a climbing wall and a variety of sports games that can also be played with the whole family.


When to Supercorner?

When planning a holiday, it is worth taking into account that e.g. the drive from the Helsinki metropolitan area is relatively long for children, although Tahko is half as close as Lapland 🙂 Before or after the drive, there is often a need to discharge extra energy and SuperCorner is a great place for that. In our experience, children can bounce there indefinitely. No matter how long, no one ever likes to leave.

Supercorner is an excellent addition to Tahko’s services. For rainy or frosty days of entertainment and energy dissipation, the place is perfect. Sometimes it can be convenient to take older children to the Supercorner and go to the gym, spa, bowling, etc. next door. In addition, in connection with the Supercorner, there are high-quality eateries at Tahko Spa, where you can refuel after the trampoline marathon.

Wanha School’s test team is very happy with the arrival of SuperCorner in Tahko 🙂



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